Sheesh Mahal Jaipur
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Sheesh Mahal Jaipur: The Beautiful Mirror Palace

Sheesh Mahal stands as a testament to the opulence and grandeur of the bygone era. Also known as the Mirror Palace, Sheesh Mahal is a marvel of architectural brilliance, adorned with intricate mirror work that creates a mesmerizing effect. In this article, we will delve into the history, architecture, and visitor information of Sheesh Mahal Jaipur, allowing you to embark on a virtual journey through this exquisite palace.

About Sheesh Mahal Jaipur:

Sheesh Mahal, which translates to the “Palace of Mirrors,” is a prominent attraction located within the premises of the Amer Fort. Built in the 16th century by the Rajput rulers, it was designed to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of that era. The palace derives its name from the extensive use of mirrors that embellish its walls, ceilings, and pillars, creating a breathtaking spectacle of reflection and luminosity.

History of Sheesh Mahal:

The history of Sheesh Mahal dates back to the reign of Maharaja Man Singh I, who was a trusted general of Emperor Akbar. It is believed that the construction of Sheesh Mahal began in 1592 and was completed under the reign of Maharaja Jai Singh in the early 17th century. The purpose of building this magnificent palace was to serve as a private chamber for the royal family, where they could revel in the grandeur of their kingdom and host lavish festivities.

Sheesh Mahal Architecture:

The architecture of Sheesh Mahal Jaipur is a testament to the artistic finesse and attention to detail of the craftsmen of that era. The palace showcases a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles, reflecting the cultural influences prevalent during that period. The entire structure of the palace is meticulously adorned with thousands of pieces of glass, mirrors, and intricate carvings.

The mirror work within Sheesh Mahal serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. The mirrors were strategically placed to amplify natural light during the day and reflect the glow of candles and oil lamps at night, creating an ethereal ambiance. The intricate carvings and frescoes on the walls further enhance the beauty of the palace, depicting scenes from mythology, hunting expeditions, and royal processions.

Entry Fee & Timings:

To explore the exquisite beauty of Sheesh Mahal, visitors can purchase tickets at the entrance of the Amer Fort complex. The entry fee includes access to Sheesh Mahal along with other attractions within the fort.

  • 10 per person for Indians
  • 50 per person for Foreign Tourists
  • 50 for Still Camera (Indians)
  • 70 for Still Camera (Foreigners)
  • 100 for Video Camera (Indians)
  • 100 for Video Camera (Foreigners)

Sheesh Mahal is open to visitors during the daytime (9:30 AM – 4:30 AM), allowing them to marvel at the stunning mirror work and soak in the regal ambiance. The palace welcomes visitors throughout the week, except on certain public holidays and festive occasions. It is recommended to plan your visit accordingly and allocate sufficient time to fully appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and architectural marvels of Sheesh Mahal.


Sheesh Mahal, with its breathtaking mirror work and architectural splendor, stands as a jewel within the crown of the Amer Fort. The palace’s opulent interiors, adorned with intricate mirrors, create a surreal and captivating atmosphere. It serves as a testimony to the rich cultural heritage and architectural brilliance of the Rajputana era.

Visiting Sheesh Mahal allows you to transport yourself back in time, imagining the grandeur and magnificence experienced by the royal families who once resided within its walls. With its historical significance and mesmerizing beauty, Sheesh Mahal continues to enthrall visitors from around the world, leaving them awe-struck by its opulence and architectural finesse.