Breakfast Places in Jaipur

10 Best Breakfast Places in Jaipur

the vibrant Pink City of India is not only famous for its majestic palaces and rich cultural heritage but also for its delectable cuisine. And what better way to start your day than with a hearty and delicious breakfast? In this informative article, we will explore the 10 best breakfast places in Jaipur that promise a delightful culinary experience to kickstart your mornings.

Here are the 10 Best Breakfast Places in Jaipur

1. Anokhi Café

Located in the heart of the city, Anokhi Café is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil ambience and a delightful breakfast menu. The café boasts a serene courtyard setting with vibrant décor, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a relaxed breakfast. From freshly baked pastries to wholesome sandwiches and refreshing beverages, Anokhi Café caters to a variety of tastes.

2. The Stag Rooftop

For a picturesque breakfast with a view, head to The Stag Rooftop. Situated in the heart of the city, this rooftop café offers panoramic views of Jaipur’s iconic landmarks. The breakfast menu includes a mix of Indian and Continental delicacies, ensuring a memorable culinary experience with a stunning backdrop.

3. Tapri Central

A favourite among locals and tourists alike, Tapri Central is a must-visit breakfast destination in Jaipur. With its quirky interiors and warm ambience, the cafe creates the perfect setting to savour an array of breakfast delights. From traditional Indian breakfast items like poha and parathas to fusion dishes and refreshing tea blends, Tapri Central has something for every palate.

4. Nibs Café

Tucked away in the narrow lanes of C-Scheme, Nibs Café is a cosy and charming breakfast spot. The café exudes a homely vibe and offers an impressive menu that includes hearty breakfast platters, omelettes, and delicious waffles. Don’t forget to try their signature Nutella-stuffed croissants that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

5. Curious Life Coffee Roasters

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for a great breakfast spot, Curious Life Coffee Roasters should be on your list. This speciality coffee roastery offers a range of exotic coffee blends along with a scrumptious breakfast menu. From classic eggs Benedict to indulgent pancakes, the café ensures a delightful start to your day.

6. The Good Times Café

As the name suggests, The Good Times Café is all about creating memorable moments over a delicious breakfast. Situated in the bustling Raja Park area, this café is known for its lip-smacking sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, and an array of healthy breakfast options.

7. Rustic By OTH

For those looking for a chic and contemporary breakfast experience, Rustic By OTH is the place to be. This trendy café offers a fusion of Indian and global breakfast dishes, with each plate artistically presented. The unique flavours and modern décor make Rustic By OTH a breakfast spot worth visiting.

8. Surya Mahal

If you crave a traditional Rajasthani breakfast, head to Surya Mahal at the Rambagh Palace. This regal dining spot offers an opulent breakfast spread, featuring authentic Rajasthani delicacies like pyaaz kachori, mirchi vada, and more. Enjoy your breakfast like royalty amidst the grandeur of the palace.

9. Home Café by Mr Beans

For a cosy and homely breakfast experience, Home Café by Mr. Beans is an ideal choice. The café exudes warmth and comfort, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely breakfast. From fluffy omelettes to delectable sandwiches and smoothie bowls, the menu is sure to please every food lover.

10. The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar is the best rooftop cafe in Jaipur and offers a unique breakfast experience in a lush garden setting. The restaurant’s natural ambience and refreshing surroundings set the stage for a delightful morning meal. With a diverse menu that caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, The Forresta ensures a memorable breakfast affair.


Jaipur’s culinary landscape is as vibrant as its cultural heritage, and the breakfast places in Jaipur offer an array of delightful options to kickstart your day. From chic cafés to royal dining spots, each breakfast destination promises a unique and enjoyable experience.

So, the next time you find yourself in Jaipur, don’t miss the opportunity to explore these 10 best breakfast places. Indulge in the flavours of the city and savour the delightful culinary delights that await you in Pink City’s breakfast hotspots.